Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Girl Crush!

The newest book by my girl-crush Selene Yeager has arrived.

It is, as the title suggests, all about getting fast.

I had to go out tonight so only read the introduction, but her enthusiasm is  infectious, as well as the way she really makes me think I can do this. Her confidence in me, the reader, is so solid I don't want to let her down. After next week, I will be doing everything she says. She has great triathlon as well as cycling skills.
I trust her. I'm excited!

Today I rested, had a lot of work today and pushed my legs quite hard yesterday, so they feel better for a hot bath and a bit of a walk. Tomorrow I will run. Slowly. Some marathon pace stuff. And I'll wear my number belt, daft as it may look, as I want to see how the gels fit (and hopefully not fall out)

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