Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Felt rather sick this morning. I had a day off work anyway, so walked the kid part of the way to school. Legs were a bit stiff, but mainly, I felt cold and weird. Decided to maybe run later, and swim first. Then my hoover broke, so I had to go and buy another one, which felt like a hideous waste of money. Then all other kinds of crap happened (including roofers on a farm building accidentally seeing me doing some dancing outside for the benefit of my cat), was kept waiting FOREVER in the bank, and then went to see a friend, which was nice, but the day kind of got away from me, and I still felt odd and it dizzy.

So, I have had a hot bath, and been doing some interesting versions of strength exercises on the living room floor, and accepting that this is a rest day. My swim would have been rubbish, anyway, so I'll make sure I do a very productive session on Saturday, and run a couple of extra miles tomorrow and the next day to make up for today. It'll be fine.

As Martin has said, I can't make any real fitness gains this close ot the big day, but I can mess things up.

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