Friday, 3 May 2013

I Never Knew I Was Dehydrated Until I Started Drinking Loads

I generally have cold feet.
When I get home from a run, they are warm for about five minutes, but then shortly like ice.
I have to be very careful with my hands, as I have Reynaud's and my fingers become white, and look like corpse hands, except for the fact they are painful.

However, after drinking loads more yesterday (about 3 litres with the pee tea stuff), I was woken in the night needing the loo, but also, my feet were really hot. I sleep in thermal socks, I never have have warm feet a night. But last night I had to take my socks off.

So,  the other cool thing is, I actually enjoyed my run this morning.
I have had good runs, fast runs, bad runs, but never actually found myself thinking 'Hmm, this is pleasant' but this morning I did. It was just a gentle 10:13 min mile 5 k before work, but it was lightly raining, and I found myself singing along to my music.

Running almost every day this week has gone well. My legs are not stiff or sore at all. I will do lots of yoga and stuff ahead of my long run on Sunday. Yoga is OK to do on my glorious day of doing nothing, as it's gentle, and fun. And I can do it while watching films.


  1. Interestingly (actually, probably not) my hands and feet get cold really easily, but my feet are boiling in bed - I have to hang them out the side of the bed to keep them cool

    1. There is no reply for that I can come up with that doesn't seem like it should end with 'fnar' ;)