Wednesday, 8 May 2013

100 Day To Go

To totally steal a blog post idea from Kevin, it is 100 days until Aberfeldy.

I have put the first sticker on my countdown, which is living on the pin board in my kitchen.

It really doesn't seem long enough to be able to do a half-iron, but nevermind, sure I'll be fine.
I was going to run 8 miles this morning, but got my routes mixed up, and found myself on the 10 mile route instead, but it was OK.
Hot, and I ran out of drink (only took 500ml, and big hills) but was quite happy with my pace of 10:35 min miles all things considered. I managed to run the last mile quite fast.

Then I went to the pool, and had planned to just do an easy mile, but I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, although I did drink plenty, but felt kind of crap, so did some drills and some super fast lengths with my pull buoy, and got out after half an hour. My legs felt a whole lot better afterwards. Cross training really does seem to help, and fingers crossed, I'm dodging injury, and so must not neglect swimming over the next couple of weeks.

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