Saturday, 4 May 2013

Awesome Day!

It's only mid-afternoon, but today has been fabulous.

I have been reasonably productive, done some tidying and ironing, but all at a ridiculously slow space. Sorted out my DVD cupboard, put everything in order of genre. Had a long bath, and then a really, really good stretch. And wearing PJs again.

Also, a bag I ordered arrived. It should have been quite expensive, but I fought tooth and nail for a barely used on eBay.

I have the black one.
That's exactly how Chewbacca would carry his stuff, is he were in the market for a bag.

To cover over the kangaroo logo, I have ordered this patch -

It's going to be the coolest bag, ever. Particularly handy for the bike, I'm thinking. My phone and stuff will be easy to reach. I always stop to answer it, but getting out of my backpack is time and aggro.

Tomorrow is the long run. It will be all trail. I need to go ten miles then turn around and come home again to guarantee I do the miles. If I run on the road the circuit will go past my house a few times, and I can't trust myself. And on the plus side, although it will be slow and in places, gritty, muddy and such, the road will seem easier afterwards.

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