Sunday, 12 May 2013

Plan For The Week

I need to plan things a bit more right now. I have to be sensible. Grown up.

I did 4 miles before work this morning. I was planning 5 but ran out of time, and I had my 35k for the week minimum sorted anyway, and will get my long run done early next week. I was faster than yesterday, and feel like my legs are getting used to early activity.

So this week I will -

Monday - Turbo tomorrow before work. At least 1.5 hours.

Tuesday - 14 miles run and a swim

Wednesday - 6 mile run

Thursday - 3 mile run

Friday - 3 mile run

Saturday - Swim

Sunday - Baker Hughes 10k

As soon as this marathon is over I will be long bike obsessed. I will still get 35kms worth of running done a week, but big proper rides. Miles out in the wind. Up and down hills. Hours on the turbo. Gonna be great.


  1. Sounds like an awesome (and sensible, with that 10k coming up) week ahead! I hope now I'm rid of tapering I can start getting multi sporting!

    1. And you can get back to enjoying things a bit more now your two closely spaces marathons are done with! Although, as your second one was faster than your first, maybe if you did a third soon, it'd be even faster....;)

    2. Marathons can do one for now :) I'm very excited about the next one though! when I can cheer you on from afar!! GO the IronGirl!!

  2. Replies
    1. I was doing it before you, and unlike you, I'll forget and probably go back to haphazard land next week, and it won't happen again for another few months ;)