Tuesday, 4 June 2013


4 very sunny miles this morning.
Too sunny. I should have got up earlier, me and heat really don't mix. *moan, blah*

My legs were quite achey, and probably some DOMS from my day of climbing, and I started off quite slowly, just over 11 min miles on the bumpier of the paths, but ended up averaging 10:30 min miles.  My aim was to try and keep it steady, so it was OK.

Tomorrow, I will turbo then run, as I am sewing form home most of the day. I will also run on the road, and try and move faster.

And rollering hurts like hell at the moment. Like HELL!


  1. Hurts is good, it means its getting to the root of where it hurts!

    1. I'm surprised you can't hear my cries all the way down in London! :D