Saturday, 1 June 2013


Starting tomorrow, I am back on it.
My foot feels a lot better, although I've not really used it today to test that out. I have a day of walking up and down big hills planned tomorrow, and have made some of my banana-raisin flapjacks to take. No junk will be consumed.
If the foot survives a day of walking, the following day I shall run two miles, and then go swimming, and build up the running from here. I have found a sore, tight spot on the side of my calf, which I think it the root of the tendon problem, so shall make sure I massage and roller that, and along with sciatica stretches, I will keep on top of this.

It's 11 weeks until my first half iron.
It's 13 weeks until my next marathon.

I just want to survive both the standard triathlon I have just before the half iron, as well as the half iron, but the next marathon is going to be an improvement.

The juicer is back out on the kitchen side. I have a shopping list full of stuff for juices and smoothies, which will be the bulk of my diet next week.

Feeling all enthusiastic again. My next events will be good!
(Also worth noting that Chevy will be at Ythan. He can't beat me. Nope.)

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