Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rubbish Biking

So yesterday I just did a little 4 mile run, but the day before I cycled my work commute. I had forgotten how hard it is. The weather was dry, but the hills on the way home, with a nice 20mph headwind, were just dismal. I arrived drained and desperate for my dinner. On the very few flat sections, I felt I could really pick up some speed, so I think that's where the turbo has helped, but apart from that, I am rubbish at cycling, and I have a triathlon in just 6 short weeks.
Some serious training has to happen.
I can fit into my wetsuit, but it's unpleasantly tight.

Tomorrow I will get a decent length run in before work. I hope it rains. Big, massive raindrops. And a cold wind.

And I need to get down the beach on my wetsuit. I'm thinking of going to Cruden Bay. I'll take my daughter and make her sit on the sand and guard my stuff, although it's quite a shallow beach, I just need to get cold and swim with my face in freezing water more than anything.

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