Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nearly Normal

My swimming on Friday felt a lot better. It's amazing how quickly the fitness can come back. It was super busy, and I was sharing a lane with an idiot woman with no sense of direction, but felt I achieved something, as my goal was to work on the pull I make whilst breathing, and I felt a bit faster and stronger doing that.

Today I did nothing, bar a walk. I had intended to get back on the 35k a week again this week, but will be slightly short. However, as a first week back after a poorly ankle, I feel it was wise to not push it. I will go for a reasonable size run before work tomorrow.

It's a week now until the next race, so will up things a little bit, but not too much. And someone has just pointed out the Peterhead Half Marathon is on 20th June, and I'm off work, and it's only £14 and there is a medal and a t-shirt!
I am very tempted.

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