Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I Need A Battle Cry

What I lacked in distance today I made up for in intensity.

I did 10k on the turbo, the first 5k were a steady 18mph (which probably equates to 14 mph in the real world) and then I blasted it for the next 5k, and got it up to an average of 22 mph. My legs were shaking when I got off, and I changed my shoes and went for a 5k run, at steady-ish 10:02 min miles. The run felt good, it's quite cool today, and after getting so hot in the turbo, fresh air was super nice.

I'm watching a lot of Spartacus. There needs to be exercise class that involves swords and sand and lots of yelling. I'm going to start saying 'apologies' instead of 'sorry', and 'gratitude' instead of 'thank you'.

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