Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ythan Challenge

Ow, man. Just ow.

It was warm today. I don't do warm.
I am now shattered and stuff hurts. That was proper exercise.

It was all fine to start with, normal trails, and I was going quite fast, and the first few obstacles, like going under nets, were quite good. I know to keep my head down. I then went though a really muddy bog, and lost my trainer. The water was about thigh height, so no chance of getting it back, especially with people coming up behind. A marshal gave me a spare but tiny shoe, and that is the root of the ouch. I still had about 8k to go, so that's a long time to run in a tiny, wet shoe.

The hay bales were fine once I got the hang of them, many had a dent where others had put a foot in to help get up, as they were as high as my neck. However, then there was one at the top of a very went and slidey, muddy hill, so the bale was covered in mud, and had no foot hole. I pretty much pulled it onto myself, and others had to push the thing back up again. Then two men helped me over it in the most ungainly fashion possible.

The crossing of the river was proper fun. The water was beautiful and cold, I washed some of the mud off my face, and we had to stand for quite a while waiting for people to climb out. People were moaning, but I could have stood in there all day. We had to cross it one more time later on. A lifeguard was splashing people and these girls were making silly noises, when I passed him I help my arms up and said 'Bring it on!' and he splashed me good!

Not long after that, a marshal told me all the bales were done, but they lied! There were two to climb at the finish! And they have no footholds and the hay was so short on the top, I couldn't get a grip. Then I saw Chevy coming up behind me (oh no, you're not beating me), so somehow managed to drag and roll myself over them, and being right by the finish, I had a big audience for my lack of grace and skill. 'Come on, nearly there!' they shouted.
'Shut the fuck up!' I wanted to reply, but didn't. 

Anyway, I can't find my camera, so only have a rubbish phone picture, but these are the trainers I finished in, and the rather nice medal.

I will absolutely do it again, but will be a damn site fitter and stronger overall.