Friday, 14 June 2013

Feeling Wussy

I have genuine half iron fear.
I considered not doing it today. My calendar is scaring me. My lack of open water experience. My lack of anything. However, it cost so much I have to, and better I realise now, rather than 4 weeks away, just how much work needs to be done.

Yesterday morning I went out to do 3 miles before work and ended up feeling like I was going to puke after 2. This morning I was so tired getting out of bed an hour early wasn't going to happen, and I had planned 4 miles.
I haven't been eating that great and been finding it hard to sleep, so must stop being an idiot and sort that out.

However, tomorrow was going to be a rest day ahead of the Ythan Challenge, but now I will do the 4 miles then, so it won't effect the week much, and will just have to work harder next week. I need a plan. A proper progression of miles and brick sessions.

I have to bike to work more as my car is being an idiot, and has it's MOT next week.

I have to do a lot of things.


  1. 9 weeks to go (from today) is still plenty and you have done all the base fitness stuff already. Some racing practice wouldn't hurt, and outdoor swimming somewhere cold and calm is going to be difficult to replicate anyway.

  2. Thanks Kev, I'm just gonna have to get in the sea I think!