Monday, 17 June 2013

Bring Me Tea!

Because my arms are barely working.
My arms and my butt are where I'm feeling it, my legs are in overall good shape today.

I thought I'd go for a swim, loosen up the muscles. I went too early. There was a school, as well as a group of learning disabilities in, and doing lengths was doing zig-zags, and I felt kind of shattered at half a mile, and went home. However, felt better for going, and did some quality stretching/yoga in the deep end.
I am awesome at yoga when there is water to hold me up.

 I have to embalm first thing tomorrow, so will either go for a little run or do some turbo before that. I need to cycle to work on Thursday, so need to get my bike muscles moving again.

I have also begun to work on a plan for the next nine weeks. I have to make sure I steadily increase my distances, and properly fitting into my wetsuit is becoming an urgent matter.
So far I have found a big pink A4 pad and some Spongebob stickers I forgot I bought. Tomorrow, with these fine tools, I will chisel a plan that will make sure I don't line up as unprepared for the half iron as I was yesterday.

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