Monday, 3 June 2013

I Ran!

For two miles. I kind of ache now, but not in an injury way, more in a 'I have run' way. I started off too fast, my legs were feeling quite energetic, I looked down to see I was averaging 8:25, and I don't do miles that start with 8 minutes (not yet) so slowed for the next one, keeping the foot in mind, and did that just over a ten minute mile.

I then went swimming. For some reason there were a load of kids there, must be an in-service day or something. The pool was full of floats and kids being idiots. I managed an uninterrupted half a mile, and then did 200m really concentrating on my stroke. I need to turn my head with my body more, and not just turn my neck, and keep my legs closer together. After a breath I feel like I have a habit of kicking out to get going, but if the turn is smoother, there doesn't seem to be the same dead-spot I need to kick out of.
I think.
But I need to get better at swimming (and biking, and running) and will do my best to get in the pool twice a week. My swimming fitness felt really in the toilet today, after not being there as much.

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