Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How Crap Is My Left Leg?

Bloody crap, that's what.

Today I tried single leg drills on the turbo. I have read a lot about them, and as I have a whopping great imbalance I wasn't surprised it was a lot harder with just my left leg, but wasn't prepared for the severe and utter shitess.

I put it into a lower gear, and had been cycling away happily for half an hour, then I tried the right leg, yes it was hard, and there was a little dead spot when coming up to the top, but I soon eliminated that, and did 30 seconds. I then tried 30 seconds on the left leg, and had to put it into a much lower gear, and really, really struggled. Just like I don't seem to swim as well on the left, seems I don't ride, either.

So, I will do single leg squats, pedalling, and all kinds of stuff to sort out my useless left leg. I had kind of assumed it was stronger as it's a good inch and half wider at the calf and thigh than the other leg, but now I'm thinking it's just fatter.

Yesterday I ran 5 miles, today I cycled 15 on the turbo with the resistance whacked right up, and tomorrow I will both run and swim. Tonight I am watching Spartacus and doing weights and core work.

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