Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Praying For Rain

I did a super hot run on Sunday. Nine miles of agonising heat. It was slow. However, I have needed to up the miles, and feel I've started to get my head around long runs again.

Yesterday I did 2.5 quick miles before work, and today (also before work, so pressed for time) I swam half a mile. I feel I was swimming faster, as I overtook people, and was exhausted.
Swimming harder is, well, harder. I need to do it. Harder.
And I need to get into the sea soon. 4 weeks till D-Day.

This standard length triathlon is do-able for me. I have done all those distances many times, sure, they were slow and crap and there is a real risk of coming last with this one, but I'm sure I'll finish it in one piece, and may actually enjoy it.

This week I will get a decent size brick session in, a timed proper swim, and also a long run of 11-12 miles.
I just hope it's a cold, wet, dismal day for that bit.

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