Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Piss Off, Sugar

So I christened my wetsuit today. I went to Cruden Bay with my daughter, leaving her to paddle and keep an eye on me in case I disappeared out to sea.

The suit is weird. With most wetsuits I have felt the water soak through as I have walked in, but this one is so slow, the only place I could feel it seep in from was the back zip. My hands and feet were frozen, but my body was great. I could have stayed in all day. However, swimming with my face in the water was really hard. The water was like ice, and I found it hard to breathe out properly. I could do maybe eight strokes before my face hurt like hell.
I think I'll need to cover it with Vaseline before the next beach trip.
And I keep thinking about how much warmer the loch is compared to the sea.

But the wetsuit is not a good fit. it's a bit too tight, so I need to be smaller.
My vice always has and probably always will be refined sugar.
I need to cut it out (again).
For the next four weeks the nearest thing to a treat I will have will be dried fruit and frozen bananas.
And everyday I will read scary articles on how deadly sugar is to keep me on track.

Today is a day two of Operation No Sugar.
Twitching like a crack addict.
Thinking healthy thoughts.

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  1. Good news. Knockburn was really like a bath today. After two laps I quit because I was too hot. Nearly went back for a third lap without the tri suit but had a bike ride to do.