Monday, 29 July 2013

Elephant Ankle

I put my foot down a hole on Saturday, and went over on my ankle.
It's now a fat ankle, with weird red bruising streaks climbing up my leg, that are becoming a bit more purple today. It seemed a bit better this morning, but walking around on it all day has made it hurt again.

Seems so ridiculous to be injured when just crossing a road and not doing anything sporty.
I wasn't even wearing girly shoes, it was just a really deceptive hole.

Anyway, so I'm modifying my yoga a bit. Last night I did the 'Hardcore' disc. The idea being, it gives you, a 'hard core.' I couldn't finish it. It was so damn difficult. Most of it was on the floor, so I thought it would be a wise choice for the ankle. About a third of the way in I was a red shaking mess on the floor.
I then did some seated stuff from the strength disc, and today I did some other modified stretching and things. I've discovered my left side is very, very weak, but more flexible than the right.

In general this program is making me feel very weak and pathetic, and I damn well need not be. And I need to stop falling over, as well, both in the street and on the mat.

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