Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Oh lordy.
The 108 day program requires three days of 'cleansing' for the end of each 36 day cycle.

It starts off as a vegan no-crap type thing for the first one (I can do vegan rather well, it's the no crap part) and by the last cycle, it's 3 days of juice fasting.(Gah!)

Anyway, I'm not there yet, but as my calorie-burning powers are scuppered at the moment with the ankle, I am going to do a mini cleanse thing now. I have decided to base it on brown rice, fruit and veg.
Especially brown rice banana and cinnamon porridge, as it's damn lovely, and like eating a brick.
A lot of the no-crap things seem to leave me hungry for stodge.
This is healthy stodge.
If the rice is cooked the night before, and just needs to be warmed through with the mashed banana and cinnamon (and some raisins are nice too) in some almond milk, it's quick stodge, as well.

Tonight I will be trying the 'Vitality' yoga disc in the set.
Sounds sweaty.

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