Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 4 Of Yoga

The fire alarm went off when I was in the pool.
I had found a good time to go, and hour after opening, so the early birds are gone, but still a little early for the kids. I did 30 lengths, then the noise started. There was about 8 of us in, and they made us stand by some open fire doors. It was about 15 mins before we could get back in, and then loads of kids started to file in. I then concentrated on swimming super fast, in 100m bursts, and then 100m burst of breathing every 5 strokes. Then I got out of there, and went and bought loads and loads and loads of fruit. Cutting up a pineapple is hard work!

I then made the kid go for a run with me (she did more walking) and I did another couple of miles while she came back to lay on her bed and moan about how evil I am, and tonight I will do Day 4 of the Ultimate Yogi.
It's apparently a day where I have to do the hardcore and the strength disc too, but after swimming and running, I'm going to do the gentle one, and do more kick-ass yoga tomorrow.
I also plan to get in the sea again, which isn't too trying, so should be fine.

This is Travis. He wanders about in his baggy shorts, saying 'Downward daaa-aaa-aawg'.

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