Saturday, 13 July 2013

6 minutes

See, now, when I was trying my wetsuit out in the sea, I noticed my legs were really high up, right on the surface of the water, so did feel rather like swimming with a pull buoy. Today I went to the pool when I knew there would be adult lanes available, but as it was there were only three people in the entire pool. I'm not sure what that was about, probably as there was a giant inflatables session at 2pm, so all the horrid children were planning on attending that. I did 60 lengths in 44 minutes (well, 43:50) with the pull buoy, which would give me 6 minutes before the cut off. I really hope that happens!

Yesterday I did the first brick session in an age. It was only a short one as the heat was utterly, utterly miserable. The air I was breathing in was hot and dusty, but there was only a tiny breeze, so did 13 miles on the bike at an average of 16.4 mph, then a short 2 mile run just for the purpose of upsetting my legs. I will do a  longer one tomorrow.

My 'no added sugar' thing is going okay. I have found I need to have access to salted popcorn and banana flapjacks to survive, and I got some fruity lip balm from the Body Shop that helps also.

And I'm thinking we should call it the 'Lone Wolf  Training Pack' as opposed to club (see what I did there?)

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