Thursday, 4 July 2013

Change Of Plan (Again)

So I swam 1500m in 47:31. The cut off is 50:00.
Very worrying. I know I'll be a bit quicker on the day, so add another minute to the two and half minutes, and I have 4 weeks to concentrate on swimming, and maybe knock another minute off. That still has me not far enough from the cut off. Must swim. Lots.

This got me thinking, to get damn good at swimming at the same time as training for a marathon seems like a recipe for exhaustion. My constant race entering and medal lust may be going too far. If I were fit for these things then it would be fine, but I have to reach for every damn one of them.

So, I am going all out for the standard triathlon, and the next 4 weeks are about speed, getting my running faster, not longer, and the same with my cycling.

Then I will be about training, not racing. The winter will be weight loss and gaining speed, and especially strength and injury protection. My sciatica hurt after yesterday's ten mile run, my hip is sore today. My imbalance needs dealing with. I need to religiously complete exercises every day to combat this.

My next running race will be the Garioch half next spring, and hopefully I will get into London (I met a bloke the other night at this dinner thing, and he has got in on the ballot the last two out of three years trying) and if not, I am booked for Edinburgh. I want to be under 5 hours. I will train better. I will be wise.

This year was about entering lots of stuff and trying out duathlon and triathlon. Next year will be more about selective entries but aiming to improve substantially on this year. Next year I will have a decent marathon and a decent half iron.

In other news, so many flies, man. The sun has brought them all out. It's mainly when I pass fields full of animals, but it feels like there's a cloud of them following me. Like Pig Pen.


  1. If I could swim anywhere near as good as you I would do a Tri tomorrow! On the day you will be fine. Have you sacked off the idea of another marathon this year? Maybe a good idea. I think once you get this tri done and dusted then plans will change again. Just keep going with the flow! Doing grand!

  2. Thanks Neilio Neilster, the N-Dawg. I am kind of in limbo at the moment. I think I need to take the longer view and start work now for a more distant goal. :)

  3. Don't lose heart, you have a big enough one of those! :)