Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Life is so much harder with car problems.
Buses and crap. Listening to frightening noises. It's draining me.
And I've been feeling ill. And fighting it. And I could really use some time off work.
And a good moan, obviously.

Yoga is still awesome. I did the 'Yin' disc today, which is all about holding poses for a very, very long time, on average 3 to 5 minutes. It amazing how much lower and deeper I could get into the pose after a couple of minutes, and able to pop my forehead on my shins and such.
And I swear he's hypnotising me. He lets me get into a deeply relaxed state and talks about getting rid of things I don't need, tells me how great I am, how I am making my body so much better. I bought some Hula Hoops at lunchtime today, ate a few, and then thought 'I don't need these' and binned them.
I swear he made me buy a pineapple the other day as well.

Anyway, I need to stop thinking about competing.
I'm shattered. My speedy swimming efforts have resulted in a hurty shoulder. I thought I needed to enter things to keep on track, but I think I can do that by myself. I hope I get into London. I will do some winter duathlons, and I have signed up for Edinburgh marathon next spring already, so that will happen.
In the mean time, I need to get a decent plan. A long term set of goals to get done over the winter.

So far I have -

*Run everyday for the month of August. A minimum of 5k.
* Ten miles. Before next year's marathon training starts, I want to get my ten mile time down to 1:40.
*Do an hour of yoga everyday. Just everyday, man, no matter what. I am hurty. And I need not to me. And I need to be thinner. I'm expecting a lot from a very crap to average body.

I think I need to start again.
Build a better body. Start a year long program. Base training for next year's half iron distance starts now.  


  1. Give the running 5k a shot! I will if you will!! and it will be smack bang into my hols! Not making me do yoga though! too many farting stories heard!

  2. good to hear the yoga is useful stuff