Thursday, 1 August 2013

Back Fat

I have less of it.
My back feels different, as do my shoulders.

Tomorrow I will have done 14 hours of yoga in 14 days. The vitality one was indeed sweaty, and there were lots of breathing exercises too. I did the mountain pose and meditation series yesterday, which was quite easy physically, and the cross training one today.
The cross training disc was the first one, and it was nice to see the improvement between now and the first time I did it a couple of weeks ago. Some of the flows I had to sit out, I could do one or two sets of sequences but was then done. Tonight I was able to complete all of them, and just struggled a bit with the amount of time I have to hold chair pose (like a wall sit without the wall).

I also managed to run on my ankle. Just 5k, but it didn't hurt at the end, just mild discomfort. And it was pouring with rain, which was just wonderful.

And I'm really into baked porridge.
I put some oats, rice milk, strawberries cinnamon and little agarve nectar in the fridge to soak overnight, and in the morning add some chopped banana and bake it for 20 mins. It's like a really soft, moist, not-too-sweet milky flapjack. Just lovely.

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