Monday, 5 August 2013

More Baked Porridge

My life is currently revolving around backed porridge, running and yoga.
I haven't cycled for a couple of weeks or swam, but I am still just about managing 5k each morning. Today was less uncomfortable, so I'll try a little further tomorrow.

And this is mainly what I'm eating. It's more fruit than porridge.

I put fruit in a bowl.

I pour on rice milk, with cinnamon, oats and a spoon of Stevia mixed in.
I put it in the oven.

The gentle cooking in the oven, as opposed to getting mashed about on the hob means the fruit is lovely.

Tonight I'm doing yoga 'Cardio'. I don't want to. I've only done it once, so it has to be done again this week or else, but I am not looking forward to it.
Just have to focus on how amazing I'll feel afterwards.

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