Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Up until 10:30 this morning I was feeling DAMN healthy. I have been so very, very sensible with food.
SO much green stuff. Juices and smoothies in almost insane proportions.
I am the Green Ness Monster! Nothing more junkie than a square of organic dark chocolate has passed my lips in over a fortnight. If I'm having orange juice, I'll just whizz some spinach in there too.

But then today I had to have a root and the assorted metal bits that were attached to it removed from my jaw. But even then, I'm a bit sore, and have taken some painkillers, but it could be worse.
I have been running 5 k at least every days this August, and doing a minimum of 1 hour of yoga a day. The one hour of yoga is what's really making the difference, that and all the veg. My skin is looking good.
I am sleeping a lot, but I think I'm de-toxing a bit, too. The other good thing is my daughter has taken an interest in healthy recipes, and so when I presented her with a brown rice and broccoli bake for her dinner last night, she didn't sulk.

I should now have far less problems with my sinuses, what with the root being taken out, as it was intruding on them, and my glans on that side were often swollen, so I think I've had an underlying infection for possible, erm, months? Years?
Now I will be will bloody well glow!

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