Sunday, 4 August 2013

More Muscle

I did the strength dvd tonight. Last time I had to stop before the end, as missing out some of the repetitive cycles was not enough, I had to stop. This time I stayed with it to the end, just collapsing occasionally and slipping into child's pose when the shaking got too much.

I also ran 5k this morning, as I did yesterday morning. It was stupidly hard. It's the heat, I'm sure, as the one I did on the 1st of the month was great. It was pouring with rain. It was great.

There is a definite physical change going on. I suppose I have now done 15 hours of very regular and challenging yoga. When I made up my own practise, it wasn't hard.
I honestly do think there will be a massive change by the end of the first month, and can't quite comprehend how much stronger I will be by the end of the 108 days.


  1. Hi Lucy! Yes, yoga can be really hard and an extremely good workout. A lot of people imagine that I'm meditating or something, when I'm probably cursing under my breath. I don't take an easy yoga classes. I'm glad it's working so well for you. :D

    1. Thanks Marion, it is indeed working well! I'm glad I'm doing harder yoga now, although my abs are hurting so much today no one can make me laugh! ;)