Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two Solid Hours

Of yoga last night.
That, it turns out, is a long time. Really feeling it today. My core is not my friend.
I did the 'Vitality' disc, the basis of which is backbends, and then I did half of the 'Yin' (holding stretches for a super-long time) disc. That comes to two hours. That also made my run this morning very hard work. My legs are a bit fried, and my wrists are tender too from all the downward dogging (oo-er). I will do 'mountain pose series' tonight, which is half an hour, with half an hour meditation on it as well. Or the 'cop out' disc as I call it.

I'll have to get up very early for my runs for the next few days as I'm working, on the upside, it will be cooler, and I'm absolutely not cut out for running in the heat. The thought of doing a summer marathon or triathlon utterly horrifies me, to my aching core. It will take some serious getting used to.

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