Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weekend Of Awesome

Too much work recently.
This is my weekend of being super, super healthy. I will be going back to running everyday, and although I've been doing yoga everyday, this weekend will be extra yoga, mountains of fruit and veg.

Also, I am the Citrus Queen!
I am knocking back lemon and lime water by the gallon.  

This morning I ran just over three miles, taking it easy to see if everything was OK with my sinuses, and it was. No spitting blood  or nosebleeds.
Good to go.

I then did the yoga 'Detox' disc. Travis talks about how it's all about twists, lots and lots of twists and core work. And I did the 'hardcore' disc before it, so my abs were pretty much shot before I started it.

Dinner will be rice based, then I will body brush and have a bath with sea salt.

Tomorrow will be along the same lines, I need to be sane and healthy again before I go back to work on Monday.

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