Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kick-Ass Improvement

Lat night was the first time I did the yoga 'Cross training' disc and kept up, all the way through. No stopping and slipping into child's pose while skinny Californians on my television keep going like it aint no thang. It was hard work, but I felt good.

Today I ran for 4 miles, and also went on a 3 mile walk with the kid. And tonight I will do the strength training disc. That IS hard. I WILL NOT be able to complete that. Yet.

I want to become a hippy type person and live in a bubble of healthy food and yoga and hemp underwear.
As such, I am going to add a slightly tree-hugger element to my posts, and so-

Today I am : Healthy, slightly lazy, wishing I had a Moomin keyring, drinking herbal tea and generally optimistic.

If today was my last, would it feel wasted?: No. But, after thinking about that, I've decided to not bother doing any more work today, and will crochet an owl, instead.


  1. Do they do superhero underwear in hemp?

    1. If they don't, that's a definite gap in the market.

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