Monday, 2 September 2013

Blogging Is Reeeally Hard

I have been a bit lax recently.

Since have a dental/sinus unpleasantness to deal with, running has been very hard.
I should have let everything heal, but I went back to running too quickly, and ended up with a bleeding mouth and nose whenever I went out the door, and came home looking like I had snacked on some roadkill en route.

So, I am taking a couple of weeks off from running to let everything really settle down.
In the meantime, I am doing lots of walking, no swimming (as if it bleeds in the pool, that would be too awful) and I'm still doing at least an hour a day of yoga.

I am keeping this blog going, especially as the lovely chilly marathon and triathlon training season will soon be here, but am also doing a Badass Blog. With two other Badasses.
The cool thing being, with three of us doing it, there will be regular posts.

Tales Of Unexpected Badassery

Shut up, that is totally a real word. And we are real badasses.


  1. Yay, the Ironlucy blog MUST stay! Apart form the Badassery blog, It's is only blog I read at the moment. A few weeks gently easing back in to the sporting and hopefully all will be fine! Go Irongirl!

  2. Hi Lucy, you should just keep going. Blog that you are annoyed with something or another, if you must. Keep the rhythm. Things will come together again. :D